We started our adventure with dogs by adopting a small black poodle Moris, which brought a lot of joy into our family life. We didn't know his past, he was sick a lot. During the struggle for his health, a Barbet female dog ABAYA, which we call Bajka (Fairy Tale), came to us. Thanks to her, Moris regained the desire to play and lived for almost 3 more years. However, we were inspired by Bajka to start a kennel.


ABAYA z Barbeciarskiej Chaty

Chocolate colour female dog.

Date of birth: 24.09.2009


dam: Aria z Górki Podduchownej

Polish Junior Champion
Polish Champion


Konstelacja Małej Niedźwiedzicy

She completed:
Dog Kindergarten
Obedience I
Agility course
Besides, she got 2x CACIB, 1x Res. CACIB, 3x BOB


Taking care of the health not only of Bajka, but also of her future offspring, we have examined:

Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0
Eyes free of entropy, PRA and RD.


We registered our kennel in the Polish Kennel Club - ZKwP (official organization that is a member of FCI) in 2012 under the name:


wich stands for Little Bear Constellation.


Abaya, although she seems to be a little bear, is not a "teddy bear" to cuddle with (petting - yes, but not too much). She is lively at playing, willing to fetch, swim, conquer obstacles on Agility, loves long hikes, walks in the forest and on the beach.


Abaj jest wspaniałym partnerem do zabawy z dziećmi



Like every Barbet, she is very happy, sociable and at the same time attached to the family. She is willing to learn, she doesn't have any educational difficulties. In contacts with children, she is composed and perfect for contacts with other animals. She is a dog with little barking, but can effectively scare off "intruders".

If You are intrested in having a Barbet dog please do not hesitate to contact us.