Litter "P" - Spring 2022

Spring is fast approaching and our breeding plans are coming to fruition. We are after meeting our Tola MERCEDES and MORIS. In 3 1/2 weeks we will do an ultrasound and check if the meeting bore fruit :)

Tola MERCEDES Łąckie Splendorki

MORIS Konstelacja Małej Niedźwiedzicy

M. DOUCER Splendeur Doree M. FRIDA Konstelacja Małej Niedźwiedzicy
hips A/A hips A/A
elbows 0/0 elbows 0/0
eyes clear eyes clear
prcd-PRA free prcd-PRA free
D-lokus d1, genotype DD

D-lokus d1, genotype DD

Both barbets are healthy and have great personalities. They live in families, willing to be in the company of adults, children and other animals.
Tola MERCEDES is already a mother of our litter "H", her short description is in the article "Soon there will be puppies". MORIS is a wonderful family dog. He does very well in dog shows. His intelligence and excellent work with people is evidenced by his twice passed PT 1 and PT 2 exams.
If you are interested in having a barbet do not hesitate to contact us.